Was your ex-owner alerted to your early resignation and did he agree? In cases such as yours, the lease (TA) often sets penalties for early termination, the terms of which should vary between the landlord and the tenant and be decided before both parties approve it. As the lawyer who wrote the article explained: “Unless the landlord has previously included an early termination clause in the original lease, the tenant still has the right to reside in the property until the end of the lease.” Hello, I have master bedrooms to rent in a condo, now there are 3 rooms in the apartment occupied by two other tenants. And we`re all going to be great for a long time. My question is: is it normal for your landlord to sleep on your couch in the living room almost every night, now, according to the agreement, it will only come once just to clean the house, not stay. We complained to the broker, but his answer is that, because we rent all the rooms, the owner has the right to stay there because it is the common area. It`s true? Because I don`t think it`s normal, and I also think it`s very worrying. It`s the bail that comes in. As a general rule, the deposit is a monthly rent and is often used as protection against the early termination of a lease. This is found in addition to its planned payment function for repairs on damage (if any) during the lease.

Dear 99.co, I have a difficult situation to get from your advice. I rented my two rooms (master and large living room) from the whole apartment to a Chinese group of two different families. (a couple with a child and a young girl from university last year until this month of June). They arrived as group tenants, just a contract. After moving in. They touched my room for rent without my announcement. Suitable for my furniture without my permission, including my other pending accommodation. Caused so much mayhem and finally my other room rental delayed, After much later my viewer photographed my remaining rental room, I just realized. She stole my wardrobe for rent waiting, threw away my master cabinet with my ceiling, which dragged the three heavy door cabinets to my other larger room, what is for his roommate, and temper the largest room three door closet in my room remaining in a strange position leaving dust between the wall and the closet, After three months, the other maid who came with the other Chinese family went without me the keys to the house, the chaos of my room and the bathroom (his father came from China and stayed on my house without notice for the whole month , they wore the same pair of dirty sandals in/out of the house, trash from his room.

(She had some problems with the other ordinary tenant of the guest room) (the other tenant in the common room went too), so only a Chinese couple and a child stayed in my master bedroom until the contract (but sneaky couple always pay me room rent as a group rate that I didn`t know until I printed my statement of account recently, I recognized that they were also listed in my other unlocked room, so basically they were using my two rooms and the whole community, but pay me a master room rent.