1986 — pub. L. 99-561 modified section in general. Prior to the amendment, section: “The Minister of Defence is authorized to establish a program for the planning, development, maintenance and coordination of wild animals, conservation and rehabilitation of fish and game in military reservations in accordance with a cooperative plan agreed by the Minister of Defence, the Minister of the Interior and the corresponding government agency of the state in which the reserve is located. This cooperation plan provides (1) for the improvement or modification of fish and wildlife habitat, (2) the rehabilitation of stocks where necessary to support wildlife, (3) traffic control and (4) specific projects to improve habitat and related activities, as well as adequate protection for fish species , wildlife and plants considered threatened or threatened. This cooperative plan may require the issuance of special national hunting and fishing permits to individuals and require this payment of a nominal fee used for the protection, conservation and management of fish and wildlife, including the improvement of habitats and related activities in accordance with the cooperation plan: provided that the reserve commander or the persons he appoints are authorized : , apply these special hunting and fishing permits and collect royalties. therefore, if the co-operative plan provides for it, to act as an agent or agent of the state. The cooperative plans adopted under the control of this section and Section 670 (b) of this title are not considered cooperative agreements to which Title 33, Chapter 63 applies.” That`s not the case. (b) Pub. L. 105-85, No. 2904 (c) (1), title inserted and replaced in the introductory provisions “in accordance with the use of military facilities to provide the armed forces with any integrated natural resource management plan established in accordance with subsection a) – “for each cooperative plan covered in paragraph a).” pub. L.

105-85, No. 2904 (b) (1), replaced the “integrated natural resource management plan” with a “cooperation plan” in the introductory and below-average provisions. (A) 1974 — Pub. L. 93-452, No. 1, paragraph 1, 3.2), provisions inserted requiring the cooperative plan to improve fish and wildlife, develop space and control the movement of all-terrain vehicles.