(a) fair value on the date of expropriation, converted into free currency of use at the exchange rate in force on that date, plus any preferential claims under the Colombian trade agreement, must be supported by a certificate of origin attesting to the original character of the imported product; This link contains a PDF model that shows how to structure such a certificate of origin. The model can be filled in and users can use it. Its use or respect for its structure is by no means mandatory. However, under the applicable rules, all data that is provided must be submitted, at CBP`s request, as part of a preferential tariff application. b) Ask appropriate international institutions, private sector organizations and non-governmental organizations to assist in the development and implementation of business capacity building projects, in line with the priorities set out in each national capacity-building strategy; 6. As a result of Article 1.2 (relationship with other agreements), the parties reaffirm their rights and obligations under the TRIPS agreement and intellectual property agreements concluded or managed under the aegis of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) of which they are members. 4. In the event of contradictions between a party`s obligations under this agreement and a covered agreement, the party endeavours to compensate for its obligations under both agreements, which does not prevent the party from taking any particular action to fulfil its obligations under the covered agreement, provided that the main objective of the measure is not to impose a disguised restriction on trade.10 3. Any party who feels that it has a significant commercial interest in this matter may participate in the consultations within seven days of notification of the request for consultation. The contracting party insinuates in its opinion an explanation of its significant commercial interest in this issue. Entry to ForceImporter may apply for COTPA`s preference for original products introduced into the warehouse or removed from the warehouse on May 15, 2012 or after May 15, 2012. Verification by CBPIn the virtue of COTPA, the importer is responsible for justifying the validity of a preferential right. This preferential right may be based on certification, other documentation or the importer`s knowledge.

CBP initiates an audit with the importer using a CBP 28 form, requesting information. Recognizing that the behaviour that depends on this chapter has the potential to limit bilateral trade and bilateral investment, the parties believe that the prohibition of such behaviour, the implementation of an economicly sound competition policy and cooperation in the subjects covered by this chapter will help to ensure the benefits of this agreement. 2. Article 11.3 provides that Article 11.3 does not provide that Article 11.3 provides that the contracting party is required to assess the training or experience acquired, requirements or licences or certificates issued on the territory of another contracting party. (b) the removal of barriers to trade between the parties, including the application of non-tariff measures, and, if necessary, training in the Commission on these issues; Certification and information requirementsThe importer may apply for preferential tariff treatment on the basis of a written or electronic certificate issued by the exporter or producer or on the basis of the importer`s knowledge, including reasonable confidence in the information in its possession.